Lean Medium Phase

lean-phase-mediumBlo-Tech’s Lean & Medium Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems are offered either on a vacuum based principle, which in broad terms lends itself to use where there are multiple pick up points, or as a pressurised line system which tends to suit multiple discharge/transfer destinations.The alternative, Pressure Pneumatic Conveying Systems are again designed to include the most suitable type air movers, which includes roots type blowers, fan or side channel units.

In the pressure system the blower is located at the commencement of the system, which provides air to pressurise the conveying line where the product is metered into the air stream from a variety of feed devices.


The process feed system, which needs to provide a regular product input to maximise the efficiency of the air/product mix, typically incorporates, screw conveyors, air locks, slide valves or specialised valves such as double dump units. When the air product mix reaches the destination point, air extraction is again provided by the use of a cyclone, filter or separator.

Blo-Techs Vacuum Pneumatic Conveying Systems are designed to utilise the most effective exhausters, whether side channel units, centrifugal fans or positive displacement exhausters, the latter primarily obtained from Roots Blowers Ltd, a Rotolok Group company. The main function of the exhauster is to provide the requisite vacuum necessary to draw the air entrained product to the collection point where the material is separated from the air by means of a cyclone, filter or separator.

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