Test Plant Facility

Located at our Blo-Tech facility our Group Test Plant gives us the ability to develop and trial new innovations from within the Group Companies and to trial Customer products specific to enquiries and orders we have in hand.

The facility is also available to customers who may wish us to test products on their behalf such as during the development of new formulations where the handling characteristics are unknown. Blo-Tech experienced Engineers generally assist in this work.

The Test Plant is set up to be versatile and can be adapted for most bulk handling applications.

Around the main equipment such as a FIBC Discharger, Solitec IBC Station, Blo-Tech Dense Phase (including low velocity) and Lean Phase pneumatic systems the arrangement can be built up to transfer product to either bags and bins or to a receiving filter hopper fitted with a Solitec Bin Activator.

As well as the mechanical equipment there is the facility to test specific powders for their handling characterises such as Angle of Repose, Loose and Tapped Bulk Densities so the results can be compared with established classifications such as Carr classification, Compressibility Index and Hausner Ratio.

This is a continually changing facility as new products and tests make varying demands.

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