Land Based Fill

Whilst the filling of Silos is normally associated with the direct use of self contained blowers on bulk tanker delivery vehicles, there are alternatives that offer a quieter, safer and more economical fill.

Whether based around the use of roots blowers, screw compressors, hook & claw blowers or site supplied compressed air, Blo-Tech designed solutions incorporate all the latest silo protection systems, including auto shut off and pressure differential monitoring, ensuring that current legislative requirements are met, if not surpassed.

Whilst safety is always a key issue, the control of pollution is also a factor being driven by legislation and one of the areas of concern is vehicle exhaust emissions and as such, tankers whilst pumping need to have their engines running, thereby adding to the problems. Again, the Blo-Tech response is to offer a complete integrated solution, which nullifies the engine run requirement and provides benefits in safety, pollution and noise control at competitive costs and at all times working closely with the customers H&S Engineers.