FIBC Filling Equipment

Blo-Tech Bulk Bag Fillers offer an accurate, efficient, and cost effective way of filling a wide range of bulk bag sizes either with or without liners.

The Modular design and compact bulk bag filling system is dust free and designed for use with pallet, fork trucks or it can be automated using an infeed and outfeed powered roller conveyor.

Our FIBC filling equipment is constructed using heavy duty framework to support the FIBC from its 4 loops during the filling process.

The frame incorporates 2 arms which the loops fit over and allows the filled Bulk Bag to be picked up by forklift truck, such that the loops slide off the support arms as the Bulk Bag is removed. The bag support arms are either manually adjustable, automatically adjustable by pneumatic cylinder or electronically by lead screw. Either of these methods allow for a variation in bag sizes and dimensions.

FIBC Filling Equipment Gallery

Please see some examples of the FIBC Filling Equipment we have installed in process systems, for a variety of applications.

FIBC Filling 3

FIBC Filler showing product feed from upstream silo c/w shut off valve, inflatable bag neck seal and dust extraction connection.
FIBC Filling 2

FIBC being filled on weigh base following bag inflation and vibration to aid bag stability and accurate weighing.
FIBC Filling

FIBC Filler weigh control panel c/w weigh module, vibrator motor control, PLC c/w with interface signals for upstream and safety switches.

Key Features:

  • Dust-free
  • Inflatable Neck seal
  • Total Containment
  • Load Cells & Weigh Controller
  • Vibration
  • Bag Inflation
  • Compaction and de-aeration platform ensures stable and rigid filled bags for safe storage and transportation – unstable bulk bags cannot be stacked and are dangerous to store or transport
  • Nitrogen purging (optional)


  • Simple Bulk Bag Filler
  • Low Loader Bulk Bag Filler
  • Semi-Automated Bulk Bag Filler
  • Fully Automated Bulk Bag Filler
  • Twin Bulk Bag Filler
  • Hang Weigh Filler
  • Bespoke Bulk Bag Filler
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