Ni-Hard Wearback Pipes

Ni-Hard Wearback Pipes are designed to cope with a whole list of abrasive materials including sand, cement, quarry dust, granite dust, sinter dust, slag, coal and many others which cause extra wear on pipe bends of conventional material, we provide a range of Ni-Hard castings.

Standard and special radius plain bends with and without replaceable wear-back plates are available. Flanged ends as standard, although special designs can be considered. Ni-Hard bends are essential for the efficient conveying of abrasive materials.

Plain Bend ASA Pipe

Key Features

  • Heavy duty castings maximise operating life
  • 90° and 45° bend configurations
  • Replaceable wearback design has wear-resistant rubber gasket as standard
  • Flange faces machined in-house for repeatable quality control
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