Dense Phase Conveying

The Blo-Bin, Dense Phase Conveyor operates on high pressure compressed air at 6 to 7 bar g, and moves material along the conveying pipes at a relatively low velocity.

The Dense Phase Conveying principle is suitable for conveying powdered and granular products at a rate in excess of 60 tonnes/hour, but the attainable throughput is dependent upon a number of factors including the travel distance, the number of bends in the system, as well as the specific characteristics of the product being handled.

When the air product mix reaches the destination point, air separation is facilitated by a cyclone, filter separator or similar.

The Blo-Bin pressure tank at the heart of the system is designed with few moving parts, to ensure reliable, consistent operation and is ideal for use with friable, cohesive, corrosive materials and copes extremely well with abrasive products such as sand, cement, limestone, pearlite, and sugars, both granulated and caster.

Dense Phase Gallery

Pressure vessels are utilised within dense phase conveying systems to introduce the bulk solids into the pipeline. The advantage being that the system has no leakage and is absolutely dust tight. Dense phase conveying systems from Blo-Tech are typically found where the particles which require moving are abrasive, fragile or friable.

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Dense Phase

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Dense Phase Tank

Dense Phase Conveying

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