About Us

Located in New Haw, Surrey, Blo-Tech Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rotolok Holdings Ltd based in the UK at Tiverton, Devon.

Blo-Tech was formed in 1981 to design material handling equipment, which used Pneumatic Conveying Systems as the principal means of transporting such products as, chemicals, minerals, foodstuffs, detergents and plastics, incorporating whenever possible, but not exclusively, equipment manufactured by other Rotolok group companies.

Utilising the enormous wealth of system expertise built up since 1981 Blo-Tech are now able to provide Process Equipment through their Process Plant Engineering division adopting a systems approach to the design of highly efficient plant utilising where best suited, pneumatic and mechanical plant to run at maximum operational economy. Equipment generally associated with product processing such as Lean Phase ConveyingDense Phase Conveying, Silos, Bulk Bag Fill and Discharge units can also be made available as a stand alone supply or at the hub of a part system.

As a spin off from years of supplying Pneumatic Conveying Systems and Process Equipment Blo-Tech can supply a wide range of Other Products associated with both pneumatic and mechanical product transfer, including Sack Tips, Back Fill Units, Cyclones and Mobile Pneumatic Loaders as well as an assortment of couplings and wearback bends.