FIBC Dischargers

The Blo-Tech range of FIBC Dischargers are manufactured using standardised components. Due to their modular design this allows us to manufacture application and industry-specific solutions to meet all your discharging requirements. If your requirement changes in the future, adjustments and modifications are easily carried out due to their flexible design.

Our FIBC dischargers can act as a standalone piece of equipment or can be combined with one of our screw conveyors (flexible or rigid) or a pneumatic conveying system.

FIBC Discharger Gallery

Please see some examples of FIBC Dischargers we have installed in process systems, for a variety of applications.

FIBC Dischargers

FiBC Discharger manufactured in Stainless Steel feeding into a pneumatic conveying process line. All FDA approved.
FIBC Dischargers 2

Fully interlocked FIBC bag access chamber c/w hygienic bag outlet spout to give full product emission control.
FIBC Dischargers

Triple FIBC discharge system feeding integral sieves, rotary vales into a common pneumatic conveying process line.

Features and Options:

  • Universal bag lifting frame allows use with different commonly used bag designs.
  • Pneumatic massagers to aid flow from the bulk bag at base, side, or corners.
  • Tundish vibration to aid flow from the bulk bag base.
  • Dust containment chamber allows safe access to untie bag spout.
  • Pneumatically operated pinch bars allow dust-free opening of bag spout.
  • Liner clamp – For safe removal of integral liner from within bulk bag.
  • Spring loaded support arms tension the bag during discharge of product, aid flow to bag spout and minimise residue.
  • Optional Hygienic Bag Spout Clamp to eliminate dust emission and avoid contaminants from outside of the bag base from entering the discharge process.
  • High and low level probes for empty bag alarm and downstream transfer control.
  • Electric hoist and integral runway beam.


  • Manufactured in Mild Steel, SS304, SS316 or a combination of your choice.
  • Universal FIBC Discharger – Bag Loaded by Forklift Truck (FLT)
  • L-I-W FIBC Discharger – Loss in Weight – Load Cells Integrated within FIBC frame.
  • Low Headroom FIBC Discharger – Split frame to overcome height constraints.
  • FIBC complete with Electric hoist and integral runway beam.
  • Hygienic FIBC Discharger – Suitable for the food and chemical industry.
  • State of the art handling with up to date safety features.
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