Telescopic Bulk Loaders

Blo-Tech have developed, tested and manufactured a range of Telescopic Bulk Loaders (TBL), calling on more than 10 years’ experience from AMD-Rotolok, who have supplied TBLs to the Iron & Steel, Cement and Quarrying industries throughout South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

All units operate in harsh and sometimes environmentally demanding locations and naturally, they meet the need for robustness, durability, ease of service and importantly, control of dust.

Our Blo-Tech designers have incorporated all the attributes of the AMD-Rotolok TBL but have also ensured that it complies with EU and USA legislation as well as the requisite operating standards.

Telescopic Bulk Loader

Key Features:

  • Robust fabricated construction
  • Compact design with integrated dust control connection
  • Semi-automatic fill level chasing feature
  • Fully enclosed product fill and air return pathways
  • Standard configuration accommodates up to 3 metre travel
  • Flexible design allows for inlet connections and travel to suit most applications
  • Assorted options available covering most installation requirements
Telescopic Bulk Loader 2
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