Dust Extraction

Blo-Tech’s Dust Extraction Systems are typically required in production process areas where the filling, transporting, discharging or general handling of products disturbs air and creates an environment in which product particles become entrained in air.

Areas surrounding sack emptying units, bulk bag dischargers, product transfer points, conveying lines even adjacent to sophisticated, fast fill, box filling lines have proven to be vulnerable but Blo-Tech have solved such dust extraction problems across a number of production processes.

The Dust Extraction System operates by drawing air from the suction points and directing it to a fan and filter unit, which is sized against such parameters as the material characteristics, the number of pick up points, premises layout and the amount of simultaneous usage. The system design is facilitated by Blo-Techs experienced engineers, who will respond to enquiries with a clear, concise specification and quotation.