Pneumatic conveying systems

Pneumatic conveying is an efficient way to handle the movement of dry bulk products in a number of process environments.

Blo-tech is a specialist in the manufacture of pneumatic conveying equipment that uses air to transport materials through the conveying line.

Pneumatic conveying features

As a leader in pneumatic conveying Blo-tech understands and meets the criteria that differing industries require. We design and manufacture conveying systems that meet the challenges of height, distance, conventional and unconventional conveying routes while minimising equipment footprint.

Using pressure or vacuum/suction transportation, our equipment can handle the bulk transfer of:

• Powders
• Granules
• Pellets
• Irregular particles within a wide range of tolerances.

The systems can be designed to cope with abrasive, attrition-sensitive or fragile solids – putting you in complete control. This means we work with industries as diverse as food, pharmaceuticals, mining/minerals and chemicals.

The primary pneumatic conveying systems demanded from Blo-tech include Dense Phase Conveying and Lean Phase Conveying. Follow the links to find out more.

Our pneumatic systems

We support businesses by providing full pneumatic conveying systems along with ancillary components.

Our products can also be integrated into bulk materials handling solutions from our other group companies, Rotolok and Solitec, as well as third-party systems which require enhancing or replacing.

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