Dense phase conveying

Dense phase conveying systems from Blo-tech are typically found where the particles that require moving are abrasive, fragile or friable. They provide high pressure but low velocity pneumatic transportation of dry bulk solids.

The low velocity helps to protect fragile materials but also minimises system wear due to abrasive products, which can include sand, sugar, metals, biomass and lime. This also means the dense phase conveying systems typically use less power during operation, which may be favoured when faced with a choice of conveying systems.

dense phase conveying
Implement control with dense phase conveying solutions from Blo-tech

Our dense phase conveying systems

Our systems meet the needs of varying bulk handling requirements, such as vacuum or gravity loading, bottom or top discharging. Material delivery up to 1000 metres or to suit the conveying line. Our conveying systems provide a reliable and efficient solution for material transfer.

We support businesses by providing full pneumatic conveying systems along with ancillary components.

When our off-the-shelf solutions are not appropriate, we can design a custom system for your needs. We can also work alongside our group companies such as Rotolok and Roots Blowers for an end-to-end solution.